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Taylor 5 pic
Taylor school pic

Loving. Sassy. Inquisitive. Caring. Intelligent. Beautiful inside and out. While most knew her by Taylor, it was quite common for her to give people different names that she wanted to be call. Whether it was being called Candy Sweets because that person didn’t have a limit on sweets or wanting to be called Anna when at her hair appointments. These descriptions and small stories only scratch the surface to everything this girl brought into the lives of those she met. I couldn’t have asked for a better child to experience life with. Her smile alone could make the worst of days the brightest. If I would have been told this life would impact mine on the level that it did, I don’t ever think I could have fathom

how such a small person left such an impact.


Taylor was always living in fast motion and always needed to know the answers. That meant she would ask anyone anything! This kept explanations flowing and a lot of apologies for the weird questions and conversations we had to have. But these are the moments that still give me comfort and laughter when Taylor is thought about. It’s very refreshing to talk to others who can give their memory of Taylor and it is always full of energy, laughs, and smiles. It is really amazing to know that people remember her in the same upbeat way that I tend to.

While visiting her Dad in Memphis, Taylor, her sister, and aunt all lost their lives in a house fire. What we later found out is there was no working smoke detector, it has given me so many what ifs and I wish I could have. While the way she died was horrifying, the talks with those who knew her bring me great joy. Now, my angel and the girl behind the vision of Taylor’s World. Had you told me this one person would come in and send me on a roller coaster of love, I would not have believed you.

Had it not been for the life and death of Taylor, there would be no nonprofit organization called Taylor’s World and the subsequent growth through such grief that occurred I do not believe would have happened. This little life that was only lived for 5 years was such a powerful force. In her living, she was the teacher. In her death, she became the why behind the vision.

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