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A wife. A daughter. A friend. A mother. A sister. A mentor. An Author. These are all titles that have been attached to her name. At no place did you see founder, leader of a movement, or advocate, right? But here we are, operating in those roles more and more. *insert kicking and crying* Out of all of these titles, the greatest that could have ever been given

to her was that of MOTHER. While the title of mother was snatched away, she was able to experience it again with the birth of her daughter Kensleigh Grace and it has been the most beautiful thing to watch unfold. While the loss of Taylor physically took the title of Mother away, she still found a way to parent what was left of Taylor, her legacy. It was this one title that would pivot the life and journey of Jamell Matthews White.

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Jamell Matthews White is a native of a small town in West TN called Covington but currently calls

Nashville, TN home. She attended the University of TN, Knoxville and eventually moved closer to family to complete her Bachelors of Science in Psychology from Middle Tennessee State University. She completed her Masters in Business Administration in 2021. Often times people would ask why she chose Psychology as a major if she didn’t see herself being a Psychologist. She didn’t have an answer (probably because she thought she was going to law school), but knew she liked figuring out why people felt how they did or why they acted as they did. She just thought she was naturally nosey! Never did she think this degree would be what would help her through the roughest moment of her life but also be the launching pad into her purpose.

Having a well-planned out life and God stepping in to show His plan can either be mind-blowing or humbling, Jamell is still trying to figure out which spot she fits in to. Losing a healthy daughter at the

age of 5 can quickly snatch the picture you painted for yourself in a way that will break you down and make you question what your true purpose is. In that moment, she had to decide if she was going to let life happen or if she was going to make a conscious effort to fight with everything that she had in her. In making the choice to fight, she realized that what she was going through was something that could help others who struggle with difficult moments of life. She would never say that she has all the answers of how to overcome, but Taylor's World is a safe place to figure it out without judgment.


In 2017, Taylor's World was officially established as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Birthed as a direct response to tragedy, grief, and shaken faith, the goal was to create a safe space that allowed others to see the transparency of healing beyond the hurt and recognizing the grace that would allow the opportunity to do better and be better. That same grace that she experienced, she strives to show others that it’s available to them as well! In that vein, she penned a journal that she believes gives insight to her journey and allows others to see the grief through a different lens. You can purchase here. It’s all about taking that one moment that was meant to knock you out and letting that be the thing to propel you into moving to your next!


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