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Grief Support Group
Grace In Grief

Who Are We


Grief is a road we believe we can travel alone, and while this is the preference, it is best traveled with those who can support you.

Grief is proof you have loved someone, and is also one of, if not the most unpredictable thing to try to navigate. You can try to prepare in so many ways, but the smallest thing can send you spiraling. No one can tell you how to handle it, navigate it, or the length of time that you should sit in it. Our goal is to create a safe space that allows you to be among those who have dealt with or currently walking through grief. This space is to provide community to let you know you are not alone and others still figuring it out and refusing to let it keep them in the dark but show there is hope even in the darkness. 

When I started this journey, I thought I understood grief. I thought it was going to be black and white. The reality is that grief lives in the gray! CONSISTENTLY. There are no rules and quite frankly, it is disrespectful for someone to try to tell you how your grief should look. Not every journey is the same, and that is OKAY! As I continued to navigate my new normal and eventually figure out my purpose, creating this community didn’t seem like a hassle, but more of a necessity.

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