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Taylor’s World is an organization that was founded in the midst of adversity and is seeking to empower all who have struggled or will face some type of obstacle in life. As I was dealing with the loss of my own perfectly healthy daughter to a house fire, I needed to know how to get back to what my purpose was and not get stuck in that moment. I didn’t have a solution, so I’ve been working to develop the solution. It is our goal to give hope, refuel dreams and provide resources to the audience we encounter. Our desire is to serve as a reminder that its never too late to rekindle flames of your purpose and overcome any obstacle. We believe that we tap into an audience of emerging leaders, culture changers, solution seekers, and innovators.

We are excited to invite you to join us at our first donor brunch. This marks our inaugural donor brunch. We want to give insight on who we are, the work we have been doing, and how you can partner with us to achieve our dreams that can change the game for those we reach. I have made it my mission to be transparent about my healing process and that reaches an audience who needs to see truth, passion, and perseverance.


Brunch and Mimosa Bar included

Donor Brunch Ticket

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